Stay Warm, Stay Happy and Stay Healthy This Winter

During the winter period, it can be extremely tempting to lock yourself indoors and hibernate until spring. While this may be acceptable for a bear, unfortunately, this is something that people just can’t do.


Winter really does make us miserable, not only is it too cold  but it can also increase the risk of viruses spreading.


Heaters Wholesale lists its’ top tips for staying happy, healthy and warm this winter


Stay Happy


During the colder weather shorter days people can sometimes develop seasonal affective disorder. This is where at a particular time of the year (usually winter) you can start to feel quite low and lethargic, and according to the NHS this can increase during December, January, and February, this could be because the lack of sunshine can have an effect on  the chemicals in the brain. There are many ways to treat this, you could use a bright desk lamp whilst working to give the illusion of the sunlight.


Stay Healthy


Here we are again flu season is upon us and with 27 million sick days recorded in the UK in 2013 due to colds and flu, it’s important that you take all necessary precautions, that could prevent you from contracting the viruses.


  • Wash hands regular or use antibacterial hand gel if you are on the go
  • Clean door handles, telephones, keyboards on a regular basis to remove germs
  • If coughing or sneezing always cover your mouth or nose with a tissue and dispose of it straight away, in the bin.
  • It may also be a good idea to have a flu vaccination.


Stay Warm


Staying warm at home is easy, you control the temperature if your cold you just turn it up. In the work environment, it is required that the temperature remains at a comfortable level at all times ( min 16 degrees). In order to maintain that temperature, it may be a good idea to invest in an efficient and reliable industrial heater. Whether you trying to heat a warehouse or a retail premises, there are a range of heaters to choose from.


Warm air heating may be an option to consider if you are attempting to heat your factory or  warehouse. They are available in a large amount of sizes and inputs and can either be suspended or floor standing.

Radiant heaters can also be used in these environments, for areas that have shutter doors or even areas that are too dusty for warm air heaters. These are also popular when considering greenhouse heating, due to the fact that they work in the same way as the sun, heating the objects and releasing the heat over a period of time.


You can still turn up the heat, without worrying about the fuel costs, as both radiant heaters and warm air heating systems are compatible with energy saving controllers, that are designed to assist you with lowering your fuel costs. De-stratification fans, for warm air heating, are a great way to reduce fuel costs as  heat lost through the roof is reduced by returning the warm air back down to the work area.


If you are considering investing in a new industrial heating appliance, then why not contact Radiant Services? We have over 20 years’ experience and can provide you with an energy efficient solution to heat your business. So whatever you are doing this winter remember to stay happy, stay healthy and with a little help from us stay warm.

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