Agricultural Heating

Achieving the correct temperature within a Poultry Environment is critical. If their temperature is too low (lowest critical temperature) or too high (highest critical temperature) then the health and the well-being of the flock will begin to deteriorate.

It is important that the environment in which they are kept is at a comfortable level, and monitored closely in order to achieve maximum capability from your brood.

What is the lowest critical temperature?

If the temperature drops too low and reaches the lowest critical point then the bird will attempt to raise its temperature by consuming more feed.

What is the highest critical temperature?

When the environment rises to reach its highest critical point, the birds will dissipate their heat and will become so warm that they will reduce the amount of feed that they consume, potentially reducing production and yield. In order to meet the demands that are required it is important to have the most efficient and versatile equipment

BLACKHEAT AG Radiant Heaters are ideal for poultry barns, as they generate radiant energy, just like the sun. This heats the objects within the room, increasing energy efficiency. Radiant Heaters create an even floor temperature for optimal flock growth. The Radiant Heating system provides protection of internal burner components from dust a water, something that is expected from poultry barns.

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