Garage Heaters

Whether your workshop is used for manufacturing or repairs, Radiant Services have space heating system that could be ideal for you.

Heating your garage or workshop is extremely important for various reasons, not only will it create a warm working environment for your employees but it can also reduce the risk of accidents. When the temperature of the workshop drops, the employees hands will begin to get cold. This means that difficulty in holding and gripping tools and items will become extremely difficult, therefore causing unnecessary accidents. It is also not a good idea to increase a workers temperature by simply adding layers of clothes as this can restrict movement of the worker, therefore reducing productivity.

When the colder weather draws in this could decrease employee morale due to the dark and damp environment of an auto body shop. Reduced morale can also decrease productivity within your workforce.

When considering your garage heaters there are a few things to bear in mind. First off you should establish what fuel you will be utilising for your space heater, there are many fuels that can be used including Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and even Bio Fuels. This provides you with you a wider variety when choosing your space heaters.All workshops will vary in size, shape and requirements. Gas space heaters are a popular choice as they are considerably cheaper to run, than electric heaters.

Radiant Services can provide a free site survey to determine which garage heaters would suit your premises the most.

We can provide Garage Heaters throughout the U.K to areas including Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Derby, Worcestershire, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicestershire, Northampton, Wales and many more.

We use only gas safe registered engineers that are safe contractor accredited to ensure the safety of your new and existing heating system.

If you require a service or your garage heaters have broken down, then contact Radiant Services today.