Garden Centre Heating

Radiant Services have specialised in the design, installation service and repair of garden centre heating systems for over 30 years.

Why Radiant For Garden Centre Heating?

Growers have traditionally relied on knowing the air temperatures in their greenhouses, as nearly all crop recommendations are based on the air temperature required for best growth. Growers install aspirated thermo-stats with small fans blowing air across shielded sensors to more precisely measure and control air temperature. While this may satisfy the grower that the most advanced methods available to control the air temperature are being used, the most important questions remain unanswered:

• What is the temperature of the plant?
• What is the temperature of the soil?
• How do conditions influenced by sunlight, humidity and air movement affect the relationship between the plant temperature and the air temperature?

The concept of heating plants with radiant energy changes the way a grower must consider environmental control of the greenhouse.
Gas-fired, low-intensity radiant heating systems have proven their effectiveness in duplicating the principle of the sun’s heat making radiant heaters an ideal choice when considering garden centre heating. CoRayVac systems have been used in commercial greenhouses effectively and efficiently since the early 1970’s, although low-intensity radiant systems have not yet gained widespread popularity and acceptance as heating systems. Some growers have found that CoRayVac heating systems exceeded their expectations and proved beneficial in many ways for a variety of greenhouse crops. When properly designed, installed and used, they offer many advantages over conventional heating systems.

Many other benefits include:

Overhead system- As these systems are installed from the ceiling. This allows the grower to utilise the rest of the greenhouse.
Ease of maintenance– Since the entire length of the system is visible, some of these systems can be maintained during normal opening hours, with little or no disruption to your business. 
Heat where it’s needed- The growers has three locations to grow plants, on the floor, on raised benches or in hanging baskets. Radiant heating will heat all plants on all of the levels. 
They are not just practical but are also aesthetically pleasing with their sleek tubular design.
Radiant Services have specialised for over 20 years in the garden centre heating sector. We can design a radiant heating system that is ideal for your garden centre.

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