Warehouse Heating

Radiant Services specialise in the design, installation and repair of warehouse heating systems. Warehouse buildings struggle to stay warm, especially during the winter. This could be due the high ceilings designed for racking, the shutter doors that are commonly used or the material of the walls.

If your employees are too cold they may lose morale, which could slow your production. It is important that comfortable temperatures are provided throughout the year.

There are so many options that you can consider if you are looking for new industrial heaters.

One thing to keep in mind when designing a warehouse heating system is that space within a warehouse is crucial. This ,means that warm Air Heating is a popular choice. Suspended Warm Air Heaters are also available to allow you to utilise your floor space.

If there is a large floor space in your warehouse heating application then Warm Air Cabinet Heaters could be the option. As COMBAT Cabinet Heaters can be flued horizontally as well as vertically, this could reduce the amount of flue required which could save you money on your installation. With no access equipment required, this could also reduce the cost of your maintenance.

COMBAT Cabinet Heaters utilise Natural Gas, LPG and Oil. COMBAT Cabinet Heaters are fitted with the ECOFLAM burner that can also, upon request utilise bio fuels.

For dusty environments, buildings that are an unusual shape or warehouses with shutter doors,

BLACKHEAT Radiant Tube heaters would be the ideal solution. Radiant Heating systems are designed specifically to suit your premises, by our highly qualified design team. With a large range of burner inputs and tube lengths, with a variety of configurations including U-tube or L Type.

For a completely bespoke system you may wish to consider a CORAYVAC system, a continuous system, designed to condense for optimum fuel saving efficiency.

Whether it’s a new building that has no equipment, or a replacement system, Radiant Services has the Warehouse Heating solution to suit you.

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