U-Tube and Linear Radiant Heaters

Radiant Heating is ideal when considering Garden Centre and Greenhouse Heating solutions, rather than heating the air,

Radiant Heaters heat the objects in the room. These, objects absorb the heat and transfer it to their surroundings, maintaining their temperature throughout the day. This helps to create a comfortable environment for you, your staff and your customers.

The Reduction of Plant Disease in Garden Centres’ and Greenhouses’

Two of the most common causes of plant disease are plant wetness and humidity.

Low-Intensity Radiant Heaters can assist the grower with humidity control, allowing surface moisture to evaporate significantly quicker than with conventional heaters, helping mitigate conditions that promote plant disease.

More Productive Use of Space

Radiant Heaters are a popular choice when considering warehouse heating. In these environments, space is usually very limited. Radiant Heaters are suspended from the ceiling, away from any materials and without taking up valuable workspace. This also applies when considering Factory Heating and various other applications such as Retail Facilities and Showrooms.

Greater Heat Distribution

The Heat Exchanger Tube, blankets a larger area, providing a greater coverage, if an object can “see” the Heat Exchanger Tube or Reflector, it will receive energy from the Radiant Heater. Objects that cannot “see” the Heat Exchanger or Reflector will still benefit from re-radiation and conduction of heat from surrounding objects, as well as convective heat transfer from the air.

These heaters are also suitable for

Warehouse heating, Factory heating and Garage Workshops.

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Technical Information

Product Description

  • Available for Natural Gas or LPG
  • Design Flexibility with Wide Range of Burner Inputs and Tube Lengths
  • Longer Life Provided by Durable Components
  • Easy Installation
  • Even Heat Distribution from Vacuum Design with Uniform Tube Temperature


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